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As Small Business Expert we know that like every BUSINESS OWNER YOU too may be considering going in for BUSINESS GROWTH by being more profitable, system oriented and professional thereby moving up to a more advantageous position in your business or professional life.

We share the awareness of what a positive impact doing that can mean to YOU. That's why you are here.

In our practice as Small Business Expert we have realised that there are SEVEN FAMILIAR BUSINESS TROUBLES - WHICH DO YOU WANT TO OVERCOME?

  1. Sinking profitsBusiness Growth Consultant
  2. Poor systems
  3. High employee turnover
  4. Low sales
  5. Irregular cash-flow
  6. Strong Competition
  7. Stagnation
Since 1999, we have been coaching and guiding SMEs through extraordinary growth. Tailoring our business coaching approach and methods to suit each individual client, as Small Business Expert we take into account the size, industry, market and current situation of every business that we coach so as to develop the most successful business coaching platform.

In short we make your self-managed company into a STRONG, PROFITABLE, PROFESSIONAL and a SYSTEM DRIVEN ORGANIZATION.


  1. We are highly experienced Business Growth professionals.
  2. We offer a wide a range of Business Growth services.Business Growth Consultant
  3. As Small Business Expert we provide very creative solutions to issues and opportunities.
  4. As Small Business Expert we have a track record that is second to none - in other words we get results.
  5. A complete “one stop shop” for all of your strategic Business Growth requirements.
  6. As Small Business Expert we are extremely easy to work with yet highly professional.
  7. As Small Business Expert we are able to work with organisations of all sizes and across all industries, anywhere.
Over the years Small Business Expert has successfully conducted many projects and provided a large range of services including:

DEVELOPMENT OF STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANS: We have developed marketing plans and communication strategies for small and mid-size companies, special events, not for profit organisations, government agencies, manufacturers, professional services and small businesses, in virtually every industry imaginable. From herbal products to artifact retailer and pretty much everything in between. A strategic marketing or communication plan developed by Small Business Expert will draw on this experience and local knowledge that is second to none.

SPECIALIST TRAINING SERVICES: Small Business Expert can offer a range of training services, all with a strong Business Growth theme. This can be customer service training, sales training, presentation skills training and even internal marketing/communication and public relations training, to suit any industry.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATION ISSUES/OPPORTUNITIES: At some stage all organisations need a fresh pair of eyes to look at potential issues or opportunities that they may be facing. This may be a merger, acquisition, entering a new market, reaching a milestone or taking the business in a new direction. Small Business Expert can provide this fresh perspective and come up with creative solutions to whatever issue or opportunity your organisation may be facing.

REBRANDING PROJECTS: Small Business Expert has rebranded many businesses throughout India, Middle East and Far East - always with exceptional results (which in this case means happy clients). Rebranding is about a lot more than just finding a new logo. Rebranding needs to be well planned, strategically implemented and communicated perfectly to existing customers, suppliers, staff and the media. If you feel that your business needs to be rebranded (and there are lots of reasons to do this) before you go any further, contact Small Business Expert .

CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES: Way too many businesses spend too much time and money trying to attract new business but very little on retaining the customers they have. Small Business Expert can provide some very detailed customised advice that will help your organisation to engage more with your existing clients, keep them for longer and where appropriate, increase their spend with you.

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